“I worked with Christopher as writer and executive producer in 2017 on Trauma. It was hugely important to me that we find someone who could help us with the many medical details, but who could also talk to us about psychology of the doctors, and crucially, understood this was a creative endeavour. Chris was exactly the right person in all these aspects. Not only did he unfailing and promptly reply to all our queries both on the script and the production, but when giving notes and line alterations, he was sensitive to the mode and rhythm of the line. He understood how a raw medical term might stand out unhelpfully in dialogue and adjusted accordingly. This saved so much time and helped blend the research into the drama. He also got on very well with the cast and crew that advised throughout shooting. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chris to any writer or producer.”

Mike Bartlet- Writer

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris and would definitely recommend him. He was hugely informative and helpful, explained issues really clearly, was quick to reply to queries and understands the process of making TV. I do hope I get to work with him again in the future.

Charlotte Biermann- Script Editor

I unreservedly recommend Chris Peters. He was great on both set and in preparation, helping me to create some great surgery scenes. Many thanks indeed.

Christopher Smith
Film + Tv Writer/Director.

“Take it as read that a medical advisor knows the correct nuts and bolts to advise a show. Chris does this very well. What he adds is his awareness of what a film crew need to achieve in the time they have. He offers practical solutions in how to get a shot and, should you need it, a get out of jail card on the day . He’ll offer to go through stuff with main and supporting cast and SFX, ahead of time. He realises that the medical work is one element that needs to be right but knows when to stand back and let others have their moment. And he’s fun to work with.”

James Blackwell- First Assistant Director Temple Series 2.

“Christopher has been an integral contact when developing medical stories at EastEnders. His work on the Phil Mitchell liver failure story has ensured that our story has been both accurate and relatable to our audiences. In addition Christopher’s understanding of the storytelling process has meant that he’s been able to present dramatic action in the context of the research for the story. I would not hesitate in recommending Chris to other productions and editorial teams.

Alex Lamb- TV Drama Producer

“Christopher was a great advisor, really friendly on set and helpful. He offered plenty of ideas is creative and understanding of the drama development process.”

Kiren Dhadwal- Script Editor

I’ve been working with Chris on TV dramas for close to two years now and he’s an incredible advisor to have on a production. He explains things clearly, responds quickly (especially if you need him to in an emergency or deadlines) and works on the story with you. He understands the balance of reality versus dramatic licence. He is patient with the number of questions that come up in the research process from procedure descriptions, to medical set-design through to medical make-up advice. Above all he is honest and ethical and really thinks about the audience and how it might impact them. I’ve always appreciated his honesty in this regard and have found that it contributes to making a more authentic story.

Pru- TV Drama Researcher

We have used Dr Christopher Peters on Death in Paradise for the past three series now and have found his advice to be more invaluable each time. Chris’ great skill in being a medical advisor for TV drama is not only his encyclopaedic medical knowledge, but his ability to judge just what’s right for us to use for story purposes without ever compromising the representation of anything medical on-screen. As busy as he is, Chris always takes the time to not only respond to small questions but also to read through full scripts and feedback his thoughts and for this we are always grateful. We hope to continue working with Chris for many series to come.

Issac Whiting- Assistant Script Editor

“I worked with Dramatic Medics on ITV’s Trauma.  The nature of the trauma procedure at the heart of the drama was very complicated but Chris worked with the production design & prosthetics team as well as with writer Mike Bartlett to ensure it was as accurately portrayed as possible.  He was also invaluable to the cast who he advised. Always helpful, professional and diligent, I’d not hesitate to work with Chris again or to recommend him.

Catherine Oldfield – Producer, Trauma