Dramatic Medics was created by Christopher Peters, an NHS Surgeon with over a decades experience acting as a medical and surgical advisor for TV. We are dedicated to helping create medical storylines that are exciting, fit the dramatic arc, but still remain realistic. Most importantly our years of experience mean we fully understand the tension between drama and realism, and how to achieve both without making sacrifices.

We can provide input at all stages of the creative timeline including

  • New drama development
  • Storyline mapping
  • Pre-production planning including supporting set design and prosthetics
  • Script advice and enhancement
  • Onset advising
  • Hand doubling for close up work
  • Actor support and tutoring

We specialise in the creation of medical plots to fit the narrative arc and the rescuing of medical plot lines that are struggling with realism or are proving too complex to film or maintain.

We can provide medical and nursing specialists from all disciplines who understand the needs of TV, whilst maintaining absolute confidentiality.

We can also help you navigate the complex ethical issues surrounding medical storylines and make sure that what you portray does not adversely affect the publics perception of a condition, or lead to you giving out the wrong message.

Previous and Current Clients

  • BBC Eastenders
  • BBC Holby
  • BBC Death in Paradise
  • Sky One Temple
  • ITV Trauma
  • ITV Dark Heart

As an example of our role in storyline development we have been embedded in the creation of some of Eastenders most dramatic recent storylines including

All these storylines illustrate how medically accurate plots can create real drama and suspense but also deliver important public health messages- as illustrated by the warm responses they often receive from medical charities.